About Us

AYS MACHINE IN 2009 IZMIR 2 More than 15 years of experience in the establishment and Packaging Machinery INDUSTRIAL SITE-shaft and the leading companies in the automation sector. Our company has the coolest packaging and automation industry, was established in order to produce the shaft-locking wheel and pneumatic brakes.

Our company has up to now, a lot of home service offered to the clients in machinery and equipment, and are at the forefront of customer satisfaction. Our company specialized staff, the needs of our customers subsequent superior and high quality manufacturing services provide parts and service.

Our company, Packaging, shaft, which is one of the leading BMS Automation MACHINERY specializes in all fields since it was founded, our country is not only the best scientific and quality of services offered in the international arena have kept the leading destination, as well as being a leader is always able to remain a leader in one, has been manufacturing and automation provider. Continuing to follow the technological developments is committed to the principle of providing the best service to you. With the dedication shown by its custom solutions and solution partner for its customers.