Edge Control Systems

Edge control device with a highly sensitive micro - processor is designed to make the edge tracking and color trackin.During the dissolution and winding of the coil sheet coil which corrects defective.This process can be done by moving the machine coil at the winder and the solvent.When it is not possible mechanically, the material passing through the two- piston engine  called the moving platen system and the direction of flow of the material is changed.Therefore , the navigation of the marerial arising from the disposal of the machine or damaged colil winding and provide disposal of the machine or damaged coil winding and provide a reasonable quality .
it save great convenience and time to machine operator.Upon request can be adapted with machine operator, servo motor , AC motor or hidrolicpinomatic system . Color sensor as the sensor , fark type sensors and ultranik sensor can be used.
kenar kontrol sistemleri


Easy to use and easy to set the plug-in micro processor based terminal for easy connection, high precision, -10V+ 10V analog output, dijital outputs , stepper motor output values is stored in memory when the power fails, proksiviç or mechanical limit switch for stopping to bind, the material state of disorder led thanks to see the show , to take control of the relase of the material.

Application Areas

Slicing machines , flexo printing machines , rotagravure printing machines , laminating , profile coating machines , paper machines, textile machines, plastic machines.



Diemsion 144*144*95 MM (G * Y * D)
Panel Cut
138*138 (G*Y)
Indicator 15 dual- color LED
 Input Power
 Analog İnput
 0-5V DC
 Outpu1  '-10'-'+10'V DC Tarnistörlü analog çıkış"
 Output2  Dijital contact output
 Protection  End of limit protection
 Weight  0.5 Kg
 Operating Temperature
 Sensor  0-5 V analog color sensor or fork sensor