Tension Control Devices

 Device that are designed for precision winding and warping operaitons.During the dissolution and winding of the coil material, keeping the same tension all sizes .Material desired tension when set to the device can be operated solvent, wrapper and attractive due to information from loadcell.Precise tension control is made by the PID system. In this way , the material elongation, relaxation and offset printing problems such as printing machines are prevented . Save convenience and time to machine operator with ease of usage.It can work with load cell and dancer potentiometer....
tension control systems

Application Areas

Slicing machines, Flexo printing machines, Rotagravure machines, Laminating machines , Profile coating machines, paper machines, textile machinery , plastic machinery


Mangetic powder brakes shaft and rodless solved with diffrent kids of material used for the control. 25 nm ,50 nm ,100 nm ,200 nm , 400 nm


Microprocessor- based, Easy usage, LCD screes , Easy connectivity, 0.10 V or 10.0V output, 24V brake output, Feature set and start from the outside,Delivery time is set to start, stop output, Load cell or manual operation...



Diemsion 144*144*95 MM (G * Y * D)
Panel Cut
138*138 (G*Y)
Indicator 4'20 LCD screen
 Input Power
Loadcell input
  External set input
 External set input
Outputs  0-10V DC. Analog output
   0-24V  4A Analog output
  Timed Concat Output
 Weight  0.5 Kg
 Sensor  0-5 V analog color sensor or fork sensor